• Motto v Trafigura

    This was a case where nearly 3000 claimants sued for damages following the dumping of toxic waste in Abidjan Ivory Coast and damages were in the order of £30million. The claimants solicitors bill amounted to £105million and at the detailed assessment a number of issues arose and the matter went to The Court […]

  • Costs in Infant Settlements

    Master Dockerill v Bakos On Monday 27th February 2012 The Court of Appeal handed down decision regarding infant matters where damages are less than £1,000.00 and approval proceedings have been issued. The Court held that only costs of obtaining advice from a Solicitor or Counsel on merits of settlement and potential costs of […]

  • Legal Aid

    The Community Legal Service (Funding) (Amendment No 2) Order 2011 came into effect on 1st February 2011. Law costs have had a savage 10% cut across all rates and the levels of enhancement has been slashed in half to 100% on civil cases and 50% on family cases. It is now more important […]

  • Interest on Costs

    In Simcoe v Jacuzzi (16th February 2012) the Court of Appeal determined that the time for interest on costs was the date of judgment, the “incipitur” rule. The Claimant brought a claim for personal injury in the County Court for damages for a repetitive strain injury suffered at work. He entered into a […]

  • Celebrating 25 Years in Business

    When we started our venture in 1987 we had little idea what the future would hold nor did we realise just how far our company would develop. It has been an interesting and fascinating journey and we have crossed paths with some inspiring and interesting clients and individuals some of whom are now […]