Celebrating 25 Years in Business

When we started our venture in 1987 we had little idea what the future would hold nor did we realise just how far our company would develop.

It has been an interesting and fascinating journey and we have crossed paths with some inspiring and interesting clients and individuals some of whom are now great friends. There have been difficult and challenging times but through hard work and total commitment and surrounding ourselves with loyal and committed people our company has forged forward whilst generating a well earned and excellent reputation and we are extremely proud of our success. Teamwork, integrity and communication are the key to success and we have been fortunate in this respect and have maintained good working relationships with all our colleagues over many years in business.

We are now looking ahead to the future and are firmly positioned to cope with the many changing developments that are to be implemented following the Jackson report. Our client base is well established and we now work with overseas clients assisting them on litigation costs problems.

Celebrating our 25th year in business is a significant landmark for all at Cumberland Costings but although we celebrate these years with pride our ultimate goal is to ensure that our clients are fully aware of new and innovative strategies that can be implemented that will maximize their profit and to stay firmly at the fore front of the many diverse areas of law costs whilst continuing to develop as a company and provide a premier service.

All of our law cost draftsmen wish to thank our clients for their loyalty over the last 25 years and look forward to the next 25 years in business.