Court of Protection

When dealing with elderly and infirm clients it is important to deal with matters expeditiously. All too often delay will result in increased costs against the patients estate. Preparing deputyship bills for assessment need to be dealt with quickly in order that estates can be properly administered with minimum delay.

The firm and our costs draftsmen and costs lawyers have a wealth of experience and expertise in this area of law costs dealing with the recovery of costs for Appointed Deputies and various participants in Court of Protection matters and we take enormous pride in calculating and balancing the interests of both patients and solicitors and remunerating each party fairly in this sensitive area of costs which includes costs of applications to appoint and remove deputies, statutory wills and other declarations with the aim of bringing a fair and satisfactory conclusion for both patient and the acting solicitors. Foreseeing problems and obstacles is the key to a successful result and we pride ourselves at being the best in this specialised subject of Court of Protection costs. Our law costs draftsmen are forward thinking in their approach and each detail of the individual case meticulously analysed before giving constructive and pragmatic advice to ensure our clients objectives are fully achieved.


“Strong pragmatic and cost effective advice”