Intellectual Property

Patents, trademark and copyright cases are matters in which we are regularly instructed and our law costs draftsmen have considerable knowledge and expertise in this area of law costs. Our senior partner has a wealth of experience in this area derived from past experience acting for major record and film companies and designers and who was responsible for the development of what eventually became known as the Anton Pillar Order and is therefore very familiar with the complex issues that can arise in this highly specialised field of work not only as to the legal issues but also as to enforcement of owners rights.

A few years ago member states of Europe agreed to implement the EU enforcement directive to make it less difficult for IP owners to enforce their rights against infringers and there was one very important proviso which dealt with the matter of law costs and a plaintiffs right to recover them. Obviously although the Directive was designed to regularise the rules across the EU not all members have construed the rules the same and some have not yet implemented the provisions into their local laws. It is important that IP owners take into account the likelihood of being able to recoup their costs before embarking on expensive litigation.

With our considerable in depth knowledge of this highly specialist field of work we are confident that we can secure the best result for the successful client and conversely represent a paying party to ensure best results are achieved.


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